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Friday, October 11, 2013

PART 2 at 9:11am - LT. STEWART ARAPAHOE SHERIFF INTERNAL AFFAIRS re: DIRTY K-9 DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL - "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics" - BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com

First listen to PART 1 at 1:16pm -- Also read about Gordon Carroll's snuff writings and mention of his connection as a sheriff's deputy to a convicted child-abuser in the Denver Westword.  

Email sent on Oct 24, 2013 to: "Arapahoe Sheriff Grayson Robinson" grobinson@arapahoegov.com, "Arapahoe County David Walcher" dwalcher@arapahoegov.com, "Arapahoe Sheriff" sheriff@arapahoegov.com, "Lt Travis Stewart" tstewart@arapahoegov.com

URGENT:  ATTENTION ARAPAHOE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: THIS SOUNDS LIKE A COVER-UP!  Why does K-9 Deputy Gordon Carroll associate with violent criminals, convicted child-abusers and "hypo-manic homicidal" domestic terrorists who are wanted for conspiracy to murder?  And why does Lt. Travis Stewart of Internal Affairs make excuses for Gordon Carroll and try to influence our opinions without investigating the facts first? 

Please listen to these PUBLIC Recordings w/ Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Lt. Travis Stewart re: DIRTY DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL and follow up as appropriate!
-- These were bad recordings for Lt. Stewart, a "representative of the agency," who became extremely nervous when Danielle mentioned dirty connections to child porn, drug and human trafficking. 

We have also sent these recordings of Lt. Stewart to several surrounding police jurisdictions, district attorneys and public defenders outside of Arapahoe County, as well as hundreds of citizens and dozens of media outlets/news agencies nationwide.  But initially we sent it to the Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler, because he's the one who nailed Gordon Carroll's cult leader, Bob Enyart for child abuse on 4/19/99—the day before Columbine—out of neighboring Jefferson County when Brauchler was a deputy DA there.  We feel as though Lt. Stewart attempted to violate us by unduly influencing us and our opinions with his authority as an investigator for the Arapahoe CSO's Internal Affairs unit.  That's crooked, and law enforcement needs to know this and the fact that Lt. Stewart is covering for at least one person in his agency—GORDON CARROLL.

On Thursday October 10th we received a phone call at 1:16 PM from Lt. Travis Stewart of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office's Internal Affairs unit.  We're assuming he called in response to the email of the police recordings Dani sent out on Monday 10/7/13 to all the cops, DA's, public defenders, etc, that called-out a "Dirty Arapahoe County Sheriff's Deputy."  (bcc'd about 300 other people.)

Here's the reason why Lt. Stewart called:  Since the 1990's GORDON CARROLL has been the church elder of Bob Enyart's Denver Bible Cult, who is a twice convicted child-abuser (that Brauchler prosecuted). Gordon Carroll is also close associates with Kenneth Tyler Scott  who was labeled as "hypo-manic homicidal" and has spent several years in a out of jail and mental institutions for violence, stalking and harassment.  Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder can verify Ken Scott's homicidal behavior since he wrote to the FBI in 1995 warning of these "domestic terrorists."  Dr. Hern says that "every anti-abortion demonstrator must now be considered armed, dangerous and a potential assassin until proven otherwise.   The anti-abortion movement must be considered the source and spawning ground of a violent, terrorist movement which threatens the social fabric and civil society of laws of the United States.  It is a greater threat to personal security than any foreign enemy of the United States."

Incidentally, Gordon Carroll also doubles as an Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy, one of two K-9 units in the entire county.  Carroll's been wearing a badge since the 1990's, too.  Of course, the Kekoas recorded the call with STEWART on Thursday, and we started analyzing it right away. The funny thing is that Lt. Stewart of Internal Affairs KNEW HE WAS BEING RECORDED.  There's no way he could not have known unless he's the dumbest guy on earth, and judging by the call, that's a real possibility.  Dani also made another call to Lt. Stewart on Friday morning Oct 11th at 9:11AM, and we started analyzing that call right away, too.  We haven't really stopped analyzing either call.  And to us, it sounds like a DIRTY cover-up!

Regarding the website www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com, Lt. Stewart also nervously talks about the stun gun and the Hi-Tec boot evidence found at the JonBenet Ramsey murder crime scene, that there's no way those were Gordon Carroll's stun gun and boots, as though Stewart really knew that as a fact.  The Boulder PD and FBI may be interested in hearing about what Lt. Stewart thinks about Gordon Carroll with regards to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and the "law enforcement countermeasures and tactics" that were  mentioned in the ransom note.  If you have an FBI contact person, please forward this information to them as well.

Of all the counties in Colorado, Arapahoe County has a reputation for being the MOST CORRUPT by the widest of margins.  It's been that way ever since we can remember.  Aurora, CO is in Arapahoe County, and Aurora is where the movie theater shooting happened July 20, 2012 at the Century16 theaters.  (Just for fun, 7/20 = 720 = Denver area code, and Century16 = 116 = 911 inverted.  We have a good hunch Enyart was behind it because he's a murderous illuminati-competitor who loves numerology and he's nuts.)  The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is also the agency that conducted the investigation over the Columbine massacre which occurred in neighboring Jefferson County to the west where Enyart lives.  (Recall that no real answers were ever uncovered about Columbine including allegations of rape of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris by some dirty cops in the sheriff's department which is the real reason behind the massacre—not bullying by the jocks—and thousands of documents have been sealed until the next generation starts having grandkids.  Look up the Walsh-butt-rape" file.)  The problem with that is the Arapahoe County Sheriff who conducted the Columbine investigation in the 1990's, PAT SULLIVAN, was recently busted for soliciting boys for sex with drugs, and he was busted quickly so as to not prolong any investigation that would turn up more corruption, especially since Sheriff Sullivan had dirt on everyone in Arapahoe County.  Yes, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department is dirty.  No secret.

This is what we think, and it only makes sense if you've listened to the recordings:  Stewart is corrupt and is covering for Gordon Carroll.  He's dirty just like Carroll; Stewart's covering for Carroll.  And this was a personal call for Stewart, not an official police call, because he didn't act like the typical investigator looking for information about a crime.  We've dealt with enough investigators—at least a dozen or so investigators over 10 jurisdictions (we've lost count to be honest)—to know a thing or two about what investigators do:  Listen and observe very carefully.  And any more than 5 minutes with an investigator is an eternity to an investigator in our opinion.  Investigators haven't argued with us, they've only asked questions when they've needed to.  But mostly they've just listened and taken notes about what we say and how we say it.  That's not what Stewart did.  Stewart, a seasoned cop who was once shot in the chest by a criminal with a .357 Magnum and who was nervous as hell stammering on the phone with Danielle, was also arguing with her and trying to influence her to change our minds about what we know to be true, and to remove any reference to Gordon Carroll being a "dirty deputy" for Arapahoe County from our websites.  There was even a not-so-subtle threat about being sued for libel and defamation of character, which didn't work when Danielle told Stewart that's exactly what we want Carroll to do:  SUE US!  He won't sue us though - Why?  Because he is GUILTY  of Conspiracy to MURDER! Go ask him.

We hope this matter is resolved soon and appropriate action is taken before more innocent families are destroyed. Since Lt. Stewart insists that deputy Carroll is not violating any polices by associating with convicted criminals, perhaps the "policies" of your agency need some improvement if you don't want to look dirty?

Please contact us with any further questions.
Curtis & Danielle Kekoa


  1. http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=4406929610785345505&q=Scott+v+hern&hl=en&as_sdt=2003&as_vis=1

    Kenneth Tyler SCOTT, Plaintiff—Appellant,
    Warren HERN, M.D.

    216 F.3d 897 (2000)
    No. 98-1320.

    United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit.
    Decided June 6, 2000.

    "Plaintiff-appellant Kenneth Scott filed suit against individuals who participated in his involuntarily commitment to a mental institution, alleging a dizzying array of violations of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and related violations of state law. His appeal from the dismissal of those claims raises three important issues. We first reject the proposition that the state action requirement of a § 1983 claim is satisfied when a licensed physician submits an affidavit to law enforcement officials in support of involuntary commitment. We also address whether a county attorney has absolute immunity from a § 1983 claim arising from her role in civil commitment proceedings, and conclude she does. Finally, we review the district court's conclusion that the First Amendment right to petition affords immunity from liability for claims of abuse of process and false imprisonment based on the submission of a petition for involuntary commitment. Applying our recent decision in Cardtoons v. Major League Baseball Players Association, 208 F.3d 885 (10th Cir.2000) (en banc), we conclude that the First Amendment does not impose any additional limits on those tort claims because, as construed by the Colorado courts and as applied to the facts of this case, they do not impose liability for the petitioning activity at issue. We affirm the remaining aspects of the district court's judgment.

    "Scott is an anti-abortion activist who frequently demonstrated in front of an abortion clinic in Boulder, Colorado, operated by defendant-appellee Dr. Warren Hern. On December 18, 1995, Hern prepared a sworn affidavit with the assistance of defendant-appellee C. Jan Rundus, Assistant Boulder County Attorney, stating that he had "become increasingly concerned with the recent behavior of a protestor named Kenneth T. Scott." (Appellant's App. at 107.) He then set forth the following reasons for his concern: Scott had been arrested at least twenty-one times in the past seven years, often in relation to his anti-abortion activities and at least once for felony assault; Scott had been imprisoned for violating a restraining order obtained by the Denver Planned Parenthood clinic; Scott had made numerous threatening statements directed towards Hern, including "Warren, how many days do you have left? The Lord showed me you have less than one year. One year and he's gonna take your life." (id.); Scott was a survivalist and expert marksman who, according to his wife, owned numerous guns; a mental health report dated October 7, 1991, diagnosed Scott with narcissistic personality disorder and noted that Scott had been hospitalized at least four times for psychiatric reasons; a second mental health report dated May 4, 1994, diagnosed Scott with bi-polar disorder depressed with psychotic features, albeit in remission; a "Behavioral Profile and Threat Analysis" dated February 7, 1995, stated that Scott "is exhibiting a general disregard for rules and pro social behaviors. . . . [I]ndividuals who are perceived as going against his belief system [are] a likely target." (id.); a report by defendant-appellee Detective Greg Idler of the Boulder Police Department described an incident in which Scott became "instantly enraged" and started yelling "in a strange tongue," (id. at 109); and Scott succeeded in locating and placing anti-abortion posters near Hern's mountain cabin in Gilpin County...

    1. Hern concluded by stating, "I believe that he is a danger to others and perhaps gravely disable [sic] as a result of his mentally ill, religious obsessions with me and the abortion rights issue. I believe that his condition is serious enough to warrant an evaluation." (Id. at 110.) Hern obtained the two mental health reports and the behavioral profile and threat analysis from unnamed "law enforcement officials," identified in Scott's complaint as John and Jane Does 1-100. 905*905 (Id. at 108.) Hern also employed a private investigator, defendant-appellee Michael Newell, who furnished Hern with some of the information contained in the affidavit.

      "Rundus filed a petition and Hern's affidavit with the Boulder County District Court on December 18, 1995. The petition requested the court to order that Scott be taken into custody for a seventy-two-hour treatment and evaluation pursuant to Colo. Rev.Stat. § 27-10-105(1)(b). The court issued the requested order the same day.

      "On December 20, 1995, Idler, acting pursuant to the court's order, took Scott into custody. Following an initial evaluation at the Boulder Mental Health Facility, Scott was transferred to the Colorado Mental Health Institute ("CMHI") at Fort Logan, Colorado. Upon admission, Dr. Qwick diagnosed Scott as "[b]ipolar, hypomanic-homicidal" and estimated that he would need to remain in treatment for two to four weeks. (II J. Supp.App. at 518.) The following day, Dr. Levy made a tentative diagnosis of bipolar illness and hypomania but noted that more data was necessary to determine if Scott was dangerous. Based on the foregoing information as well as a separate interview, on December 22, 1995, defendant-appellee Dr. David Graybill found that Scott was a danger to himself and others and gravely disabled and certified Scott for short-term (not to exceed three months) involuntary treatment pursuant to Colo.Rev.Stat. § 27-10-107. Seven days later, Scott's attorney requested that the court review the certification for short-term treatment. See Colo.Rev.Stat. § 27-10-107(6). On January 30, 1996, forty-one days after his commitment and before the review hearing, Dr. Graybill determined that Scott no longer met the criteria for continued involuntary treatment and authorized his release.

      "On the same day he submitted his affidavit to the Boulder County Attorney, Hern sought and obtained a temporary restraining order ("TRO") from the Gilpin County Court. The TRO prohibited Scott from, inter alia, interfering with Hern and excluded Scott from Hern's primary residence, Hern's mountain cabin, and Hern's clinic. A hearing to determine whether the TRO should be made permanent was set for January 2, 1996. Scott's attorney entered a written appearance and filed a motion for continuance, but he did not appear on January 2. At the hearing, the court denied the motion for continuance, heard additional evidence, and in conclusion issued a permanent restraining order. Scott's subsequent challenges to the permanent restraining order were unsuccessful."


  2. http://www.dailycamera.com/guest-opinions/ci_24389428/stan-garnett-boulder-district-attorney-jonbenet-ramsey-case

    Guest Opinion
    Boulder DA Stan Garnett: Another perspective on release of Ramsey indictment
    By Stan Garnett, For the Camera | Posted: 10/27/2013 01:00:00 AM MDT

    The lessons for a district attorney from the tragic murder of JonBenet Ramsey are many. I have studied this case closely both before and after becoming DA.

    The first lesson is the incomparable value of jury trials. Jury trials are public and fair: all witnesses are subject to cross examination and the ultimate decision makers are juries: people with no stake in the matter who have heard all the evidence. An excellent DA's office must have a cadre of top trial lawyers, capable of ethically presenting tough cases to juries, which requires practice and skill.

    The over 200 felony jury trials that my office has handled since 2009, including nearly 15 homicides, represents more than three times the average number of cases tried annually in this judicial district in the 20 years prior to my taking office. Without a verdict at a jury trial, or a plea of guilty, the justice system provides no meaningful resolution of any particular case.

    Because no case has ever been brought against anyone in Ramsey, the community has had no resolution and the tabloid press has been free to speculate, sometimes recklessly, based on only parts of the evidence. There has been no public airing of all the evidence in open court, nor can there be, unless and until a case is filed, which has been an understandable frustration to the community.

    Second is the importance of law enforcement relationships. The Boulder DA must have strong relations with all 10 agencies with which it works. Up and down the chain of command, my staff works closely advising, training and listening to the sheriff, police departments, state patrol, FBI and DEA and we have a strict on-call protocol to advise police 24/7 and immediately send senior lawyers to all significant crime scenes.

    Third is the importance of having excellent grand jury lawyering. Though this judicial district, as one of Colorado's largest, has for decades had the statutory right to a standing grand jury, until 2009, the grand jury was used only sporadically. Since 2009, my office has handled regular grand jury cases and returned over 20 public indictments, mainly on complex cases...

    1. (CONT.)

      Finally, it's important to understand the proper role of the DA in the justice system. A DA's job is to file cases where ethical standards are met and to pursue them to justice. District attorneys are not priests; our job is not to forgive, and rarely to "exonerate", and straying from this role can be very confusing to the public and can create false impressions of certainty about uncertain evidence, subject to conflicting inferences, that has never been presented and tested in open court. Under our system of justice everyone is presumed innocent (or, is "exonerated" ), unless charges are brought and there is a conviction by a jury in open court.

      Which brings me to the "true bills" from the Ramsey grand jury. I became aware of the existence of these documents when I took office in 2009. I asked my appellate department to review them and was told that they related to charges for which the statute of limitations had run years ago. My staff evaluated the Ramsey case to determine if there was any charge for which the statute of limitations had not run and for which there was conclusive evidence. Because there was none, we focused on other matters (including four murders we tried in 2009, two of which were cold cases). My, or my staff's view of what the evidence in the Ramsey case proves will only be stated in open court if a case is ever filed. In the meantime, everyone, including the Ramsey family, is entitled to the full presumption of innocence.

      When the plaintiffs in the recent lawsuit first requested these documents, I checked with investigators as to whether such disclosure would jeopardize the investigation. Being assured that it would not, as the custodian of these archival documents, I responded repeatedly to the plaintiffs that I would not release any document absent a court order to do so, both to protect the viability of grand jury secrecy and due to the extremely unusual nature of this situation for which there is virtually no legal precedent anywhere. When ordered by Judge Lowenbach to do so, we turned over the documents.

      These documents mean that this grand jury believed there was "probable cause" (a lower threshold standard of proof than "beyond a reasonable doubt" ) based on the evidence they had heard, that the named defendants had committed the crimes listed. That they were not pursued within the statute of limitations means that the DAs with the authority to do so believed that the evidence did not rise to the necessary level to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a jury trial. I don't know if I would have made the same decision, but I know how difficult these decisions are.

      I will continue, together with my excellent staff, to focus on the cases where we can take action, taking as many as possible to jury trial, as we continue to have the honor to serve the people of the 20th Judicial District.

      Stan Garnett is the Boulder County District Attorney.

    2. http://www.dailycamera.com/guest-opinions/ci_24389428/stan-garnett-boulder-district-attorney-jonbenet-ramsey-case

      From the comments section:

      gdhtsbb ·

      Garnett: "My, or my staff's view of what the evidence in the Ramsey case proves will only be stated in open court if a case is ever filed [...] I will continue, together with my excellent staff, to focus on the cases where we can take action, taking as many as possible to jury trial." Doesn't appear JBR is one of those cases.

      Like the Boulder PD who are doing other things unrelated to the JBR case ("not actively being investigated"), sounds like this nut is too tough for Garnett to crack. He should pass it off to another special prosecutor—DA George Brauchler of 18th JD perhaps? He's an intelligent man with integrity, and he's got BALLS, too. Probably be governor someday.

      Boulder PD: "The status of the Ramsey investigation today is that of a cold case. The case is still open, but is not actively being investigated and there are no new leads."

      This must make John Ramsey feel good, knowing that the police and DA are ho-humming around with his daughter's murder investigation. Reminds me to never be found murdered in Boulder.

      So now all of the sudden the Boulder PD is telling the truth? Really? You guys are taking a blow on this one while the killer is still out there reading about himself and how he got one over on the Boulder PD, the DA AND ESPECIALLY John and Patsy Ramsey who were both re-victimized thanks to the PARTIAL release of this indictment? "Not actively being investigated?" WTF? You guys on vacation or something? You need some help? This is the most news about JonBenet since the John Mark Karr snafu, and you guys are breaking for "NO NEW LEADS?" Come again?

      Chief Beckner and DA Garnett were singing a different tune in 2009:

      "JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation will move to the jurisdiction of the Boulder Police Department" | Feb 2, 2009 | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Lis3S1S8Y

      With all the talk about "taskforces" and "fresh perspectives" and being frustrated because the case remains unsolved, one million of us got the wrong idea that maybe the case was "actively being investigated." Forgive me. What are you guys doing anyway? Oh yeah, that young man's body was just found in your backyard the other day. I hope you're "actively investigating" it. If it turns "cold"...good chance, unfortunately...I hope you never stop investigating it. But if you ever do decide to to shelve it like you've shelved Jonbenet, apparently, I hope someone—ANYONE—investigates it and solves it. God bless'em.

      Time for the PD to start telling the truth about this matter. No more bullsh*t. The KILLER is still out there, and he's NERVOUS. FINALLY put this to rest and arrest the killer NOW.

    3. (CONT.)

      Henry Lee, a forensic expert who was brought in by Hunter to work on the case, said the initial response Dec. 26, 1996, was after Patsy Ramsey called 911 to say her daughter was missing. In responding, investigators on the scene treated the house as the scene of an abduction, rather than a homicide.

      "The crime scene was handled like a kidnapping or a ransom scene, so a lot of potential evidence was lost," Lee said. "Unfortunately, the body was found much later."

      In his statement, Beckner said "it was difficult to remain silent" while the case was sealed, but the release of the true bill showed the public that the police department presented a case to the grand jurors based on the information and evidence available.

      Beckner said since District Attorney Stan Garnett was elected in 2008, Boulder police and prosecutors have worked together to prosecute several cold cases.

      "What we have learned from this experience is how important the relationships are between police departments, which investigate cases, and the district attorneys who ultimately prosecute cases," Beckner said. "Under District Attorney Stan Garnett, we've been able to develop a team approach -- with both agencies aiming for similar goals -- to achieve unprecedented success in prosecuting cold cases, most of which had been rejected for prosecution under previous district attorneys. Justice, and the public interest, is better served with this type of collaboration and shared focus."

      The JonBenet Ramsey case was given back to the Boulder Police Department in 2009, and Beckner said while the case is still considered open, it is not actively being investigated.

      "While we believe at this point it is unlikely there will ever be a prosecution, the Boulder Police Department still holds out some hope that one day the district attorney and the Boulder Police Department will be able to put together a case worthy of presenting to a jury," Beckner stated.

      Bob Grant, who was the district attorney for Adams County and was among a small group of prosecutors with whom Hunter met monthly, said because of the nature of the case and the media coverage, the case will move back into the spotlight from time to time.

      Grant referenced John Mark Karr, who falsely confessed to the crime in 2006.

      "Because of the media attention and because of the opportunity for people to get their 15 minutes of fame, I think it's likely there will be periods of activity surrounding the case that have nothing to do with the realities of the case, which is unfortunate," he said.

      But, he said, while people will continue to hear speculation in the case, he doubts there ever will be an answer to the one question everyone wants to know.

      "I think, unfortunately, we'll never know what happened to poor JonBenet," Grant said. "There will probably never be true closure in this case."

      Contact Camera Staff Writer Mitchell Byars at 303-473-1329, byarsm@dailycamera.com or twitter.com/mitchellbyars.

    4. https://bouldercolorado.gov/pages/oct-25-2013-boulder-police-department-statement-about-release-of-ramsey-true-bills

      Oct. 25, 2013 - Boulder Police Department Statement About Release of Ramsey True Bills

      Friday, Oct. 25, 2013
      Contact: Kim Kobel, Boulder Police, 303-441-3370

      Boulder Police Department statement about release of Ramsey true bills

      Today, Judge Robert Lowenbach released true bills that had been issued by the JonBenet Ramsey grand jury back in 1999. The decision by Judge Lowenbach to publicly disclose the existence of these true bills provides confirmation to the public that the investigation pursued by the Boulder Police Department was, in fact, based on the information and evidence available. The grand jury of 12 objective jurors ultimately agreed with investigators that probable cause existed for the filing of charges. “Until this release, it was difficult to remain silent in reference to our knowledge of the true bills for so many years,” stated Police Chief Mark Beckner.

      Investigators at the time were disappointed in the then district attorney’s decision not to issue indictments. Cases are rarely perfect and often contain conflicting evidence. As a result, the opportunity to present the entire case to a jury may be lost forever. We also understand the criteria for taking a case to trial is higher than probable cause.

      What we have learned from this experience is how important the relationships are between police departments which investigate cases and the district attorneys who ultimately prosecute cases. These roles should always remain clear. At the same time, both agencies must work collaboratively together as a team. Under District Attorney Stan Garnett, we’ve been able to develop a team approach – with both agencies aiming for similar goals - to achieve unprecedented success in prosecuting cold cases, most of which had been rejected for prosecution under previous district attorneys. Justice, and the public interest, is better served with this type of collaboration and shared focus.

      The status of the Ramsey investigation today is that of a cold case. The case is still open, but is not actively being investigated and there are no new leads. While we believe at this point it is unlikely there will ever be a prosecution, the Boulder Police Department still holds out some hope that one day the district attorney and the Boulder Police Department will be able to put together a case worthy of presenting to a jury.

  3. Listen to JonBenet's killers continue to falsely accuse the Ramsey's on his radio show Bob Enyart LIES - 1-800-8ENYART - *Of O.J & Jon Benet: Bob and Doug discuss the continuing political co-opting of liberal reporters by politicians since they burned O.J. Simpson, and the embarrassing “journalism” of Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera (and others) as they erroneously report a mystical "3rd party" mentioned in the indictment of John & Patsy Ramsey for the death of 6 year old Jon Benet. And the indictment does not undermine Bob’s theory of the clue that breaks the case!
    Listen: http://kgov.com/bel/20131028

    "If the whole truth could be discerned, it would explain every piece of evidence, because real events produced every bit of the crime scene. Sometimes, a single key opens many doors, and one piece pulls the puzzle together. JonBenet’s murderer inadvertently put the key piece of evidence into the ransom note." - ShadowGov.com "Small Foreign Faction" founder pastor Bob Enyart, TWICE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER!

    "One form of destructive behavior led to another and at midnight, in a burst of anger and emotion, Enyart struck the Ramsey's daughter in the head, cracking her skull. They realized the severity of the wound, and that JonBenet was near dead....Unidentifiable DNA material was beneath her fingernails. An unidentifiable palm print of unknown age was on the wine cellar door. The panties on her body were too large for JonBenet and contained a stain that DNA could not link to any house member..."

    "VICTORY, S.B.T.C" = *Strangle Bind Torture Children* & Shadowgov Breaks The Case


  4. Remembering Dylan: Family, friends gather for a memorial service to honor teen

    Herald Staff Writer

    Article Last Updated: Saturday, November 16, 2013 8:10pm

    “It’s still an open and active investigation,” said La Plata County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Dan Bender. Bender, who has been involved with the case since day one, said evidence is now being reviewed in partnership with state and federal authorities.

    “We’ve met recently again with the FBI and our investigators, going over information that we’ve accumulated,” Bender said. “We are in contact with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which has crime-related laboratories, and they are processing items that we have sent to them.”

    Bender said examination of the search area is on hold for the winter, but for now they will focus on evidence they do have.

    “We’ve done a search in the area where items were found earlier this summer on Middle Mountain (Road) about three weeks ago,” Bender said. “We’re trying to be as thorough as possible, after the low vegetation had died off and before heavy snow covered the area, and we are reviewing previous interviews and reports to make connection between them, and that process will continue.”

    Bender said he still receives tips and added, “We follow up on each and every one of those.”


  5. Arapahoe High School Shooting happened on Friday the 13th 12/13/13 - Nearly one year to the day from Sandy Hook in New Town. Just 8 miles from Columbine High School.

    Aurora Theatre shooting happened in Arapahoe county on July 20, 2012 at the Century16 theaters.  Just for fun, 7/20 = 720 = Denver area code, and Century16 = 116 = 911 inverted.  Arapahoe High School shooting happened on Friday December 13th (James Holmes DOB). The school shooter's home address also happens to be 9116.

    Listen to Police Recordings (Released TWO MONTHS BEFORE Arapahoe High School shooting.)

    POLICE CONTACTS who know about Serial Child Killers in CO - CRIMINAL SUSPECTS: 2X convicted child-abuser Robert Adolph Enyart, domestic terrorist Kenneth Tyler Scott, clinically ill co-conspirator Kimberly Kay Bowman & dirty deputy Gordon Carroll from Arapahoe Sheriff's K-9 unit. "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics."

    Listen to recordings about Dirty K-9 deputy Gordon Carroll
    PT 1 - 10/10/13 at 1:16pm- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iCW2NQAGl8Y

    PT 2 - 10/11/13 at 9:11am - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1Z_0RwvyT7M

    Contact Lt. Travis Stewart:Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs: 720-847-4112

    GOT PROOF? Listen to dozens of Police Recordings => www.PoliceRecordingsKekoas.blogspot.com

    1. Want to know who organized the Arapahoe High School shootings on Friday the 13th? Call this twice convicted child-abuser in Arvada, CO: "Pastor" BOB ENYART LIES & tell him to confess to his criminal conspiracies & turn himself into the FBI or more kids will DIE: Call 1-800-8-ENYART -- ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART = 666 = DAXIS = SON OF SATAN = GUILTY CHILD-KILLER! - DOB 1-10-59 - SSN# 152-60-4382 - FBI# - 678532LA7 
      Alea iacta est = "The die has been cast" - Latin quote written on Arapahoe High School shooter's arm -- A process is past the point of no return.
      Web definitions > 'Alea iacta est is a Latin phrase attributed by Suetonius to Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 BC as he led his army across the River Rubicon in Northern Italy...' > *January 10th* - Another crazy coincidence...the same birthday of "pastor" Bob Enyart, the SATANIC serial killer wanted in Colorado....

  6. On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 9:11 AM, Bob Enyart Lies ssn.152.60.4382@gmail.com wrote this to hundreds of people:

    Greetings Local Law Enforcement and National News Media: Today is January 10, 2014. This makes over 15 months that the police in Colorado have NOT questioned the twice convicted child-abuser Bob Enyart in Arvada as a suspect for any of these crimes, yet violent crimes in CO continue to increase and Bob Enyart continues to ignore these allegations against him. Why won't he sue the Kekoas for "libel & defamation" of character or simply ask the Kekoas to stop "slandering" his good name? Go ask him! Bob knows he can't sue anyone, cause he knows he's GUILTY of MURDER!

    Visit the website Bob can't do anything about => www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com

    GOT PROOF? Listen to dozens of Police Recordings => www.PoliceRecordingsKekoas.com (Released TWO MONTHS BEFORE Arapahoe High School shooting.)

    The POLICE & FBI have known about Serial Child Killers in CO for over a year, yet no follow up has been made! CRIMINAL SUSPECTS: 2X convicted child-abuser Robert Adolph Enyart, Hypo-manic Homicidal Domestic Terrorist Kenneth Tyler Scott, Clinically Ill Co-Conspirator Kimberly Kay Bowman & Dirty Deputy Gordon Carroll from Arapahoe Sheriff's K-9 unit. "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics."

    17 YEARS LATER...Still NO JUSTICE for JonBenet Ramsey cause the BoulderPD is Defective and Run by LIARS! WHY Won't Chief Beckner Follow-Up on New Leads or Test 2X Convicted Child-Abuser Bob Enyart's "Small Foreign Faction" DNA to match the sample left on JonBenet? Call BoulderPD and ask them:
    Detective Foster 303-441-4329 Chief Beckner & Commander Stewart: 303-441-3300 or 303-442-3333

    SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 -- One month BEFORE Jessica RIdgeway's backpack was found in a LARGE BROWN PAPER BAG -- Watch Document Dump Reverse Ransom Note to Mr. Adolph Enyart: JonBenet Ramsey's Murderer => http://youtu.be/ebr54f8Y1Ms


      OCTOBER 8, 2012 - http://youtu.be/I4iz_yXfkXk -- Westminster Police Detective Russ Johnson: TIP LARGE BROWN PAPER BAG - Jessica Ridgeway Murder Suspects BEFORE Bob Enyart got the boy Austin Reed Sigg to confess & plead guilty (16mins). Ask the WestminsterPD why they haven't followed up on these tips and why the let a boy take the heat for the crime of an "experienced killer" - Contact Detective Russ Johnson & Chief Birk: 303-658-4360 or Detective Dave Galbraith: 303-658-4234

      JANUARY 2, 2013 - http://youtu.be/9tsOXXFexPA -- LaPlata County Sheriff's w/ Investigator Tom Cowing - Dylan Redwine Murder Suspects (30mins) - Robert Adolph Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman - Contact LaPlata Sheriff's and ask Det. Tom Cowing why they haven't talked to Enyart or Bowman yet: 970-382-7045 or 970-382-7015

      JANUARY 24, 2013 - http://youtu.be/qxnLKFuZH2g -- WATCH & LISTEN - Boulder's Most Wanted JonBenet Ramsey MURDER SUSPECTS (20mins): Initial call by Dani Kekoa to Chief Beckner - Left voice message at 2pm. Return call by Det. Foster at 4pm - (20mins)

      JUNE 24, 2013 - http://youtu.be/pKT1tgZtX0A -- DYLAN REDWINE TIP - Calling Mark Redwine Facebook Hate page = BOB ENYART KILLER - La Plata Sheriffs Office (4mins)
      (Right now Bob Enyart and his ShadowGov.com trolls are online trying to frame Dylan's father for the crime on Facebook Calling Mark Redwine, just like how Bob tried to frame the Ramseys for murdering JonBenet in 1996.)

    2. SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 - http://youtu.be/2fJmifrjB7g -- Message to Westminster Police, Det. Johnson & Chief Birk to find out why the Kekoa's tips have not been followed up on and to ask about "Stephan Teske" the unknown page admin of www.JessicaRidgeway.com and www.DaniKekoa.com
      (Two weeks later, Austin Reed Sigg pleads guilty to all charges and avoids trial in the Jessica Ridgeway case.)

      Listen to recordings from Arapahoe County Sheriff Internal Affairs Office with Lt. Travis Stewart - re: Dirty K-9 deputy Gordon Carroll - JonBenet Ramsey's murderer suspects:
      OCTOBER 10, 2013 - Part 1 at 1:16pm (18mins) -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iCW2NQAGl8Y

      OCTOBER 11, 2013 - Part 2 at 9:11am (20mins) -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1Z_0RwvyT7M

      Contact Lt. Travis Stewart: Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs and ask him how the investigation is going: 720-847-4112

      Want to know who murdered JonBenet Ramsey from Boulder or who organized the abductions and murders of Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster & Dylan Redwine from LaPlata? Or what the real cause was for the Black Forest fire in El Paso? Or who was really behind the Arapahoe High School shooting on Friday the 13th that killed Claire Davis? Call this twice convicted child-abuser in Arvada, CO "Pastor" BOB ENYART LIES & tell him to confess to his criminal conspiracies & turn himself into the FBI or more first responders will be at great risk and more men, women and children will DIE!

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      Bob Enyart's listed home addresses to personally bring this child-killer to justice:
      6126 BRAUN COURT,
      ARVADA CO, 80004

      8602 YUKON ST
      ARVADA CO 80005

      213 TONN VALLEY DR BOX 3639
      EVERGREEN, CO 80437

      Listen to DenverBibleChurch.com cult leader Bob Enyart's LIES on the web at www.KGOV.com, and call Bob’s show weekdays at 1‑800‑8Enyart at 3:00 p.m. MTN time to ask Bob why he LIES. Was meeting off of 72nd & Oak Street in Arvada, CO (where Austin Reed Sigg went to school) - NOW DBC is at 200 W 48th Ave. Denver, CO

      Bob Enyart has an FBI#...so why won't the FBI go question him? One can only speculate as to why...


      Alea iacta est = "The die has been cast" - Latin quote written on Arapahoe High School shooter's arm = A process is past the point of no return.

      Web definitions > 'Alea iacta est is a Latin phrase attributed by Suetonius to Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 BC as he led his army across the River Rubicon in Northern Italy...'

      *January 10th* - Another crazy coincidence...the same birthday of "pastor" Bob Enyart, the SATANIC serial killer wanted in Colorado...Still waiting for the FBI! ANY. DAY. NOW...


  7. "Chelsea Hoffman" is a CRIMINAL FRAUD. A fake ID used by a serial killer to get off and to purposely misleading investigations of the crimes committed. Watch Chelsea Hoffman's new video "Sins of the Sexual Sadist official book trailer" on YouTube (*WARNING! GRAPHIC VIOLENT SEXUAL CONTENT AGAINST WOMEN)
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    Listen to recording JULY 8, 2013 - NATIONAL CENTER for MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN - Hotline Tip "Chelsea Hoffman" is a CRIMINAL FRAUD re: Dylan Redwine & Jessica Ridgeway on (25mins) => http://youtu.be/QjSjAOQ2CTY