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Friday, October 11, 2013

PART 2 at 9:11am - LT. STEWART ARAPAHOE SHERIFF INTERNAL AFFAIRS re: DIRTY K-9 DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL - "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics" - BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com

First listen to PART 1 at 1:16pm -- Also read about Gordon Carroll's snuff writings and mention of his connection as a sheriff's deputy to a convicted child-abuser in the Denver Westword.  

Email sent on Oct 24, 2013 to: "Arapahoe Sheriff Grayson Robinson" grobinson@arapahoegov.com, "Arapahoe County David Walcher" dwalcher@arapahoegov.com, "Arapahoe Sheriff" sheriff@arapahoegov.com, "Lt Travis Stewart" tstewart@arapahoegov.com

URGENT:  ATTENTION ARAPAHOE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: THIS SOUNDS LIKE A COVER-UP!  Why does K-9 Deputy Gordon Carroll associate with violent criminals, convicted child-abusers and "hypo-manic homicidal" domestic terrorists who are wanted for conspiracy to murder?  And why does Lt. Travis Stewart of Internal Affairs make excuses for Gordon Carroll and try to influence our opinions without investigating the facts first? 

Please listen to these PUBLIC Recordings w/ Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs Lt. Travis Stewart re: DIRTY DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL and follow up as appropriate!
-- These were bad recordings for Lt. Stewart, a "representative of the agency," who became extremely nervous when Danielle mentioned dirty connections to child porn, drug and human trafficking. 

We have also sent these recordings of Lt. Stewart to several surrounding police jurisdictions, district attorneys and public defenders outside of Arapahoe County, as well as hundreds of citizens and dozens of media outlets/news agencies nationwide.  But initially we sent it to the Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler, because he's the one who nailed Gordon Carroll's cult leader, Bob Enyart for child abuse on 4/19/99—the day before Columbine—out of neighboring Jefferson County when Brauchler was a deputy DA there.  We feel as though Lt. Stewart attempted to violate us by unduly influencing us and our opinions with his authority as an investigator for the Arapahoe CSO's Internal Affairs unit.  That's crooked, and law enforcement needs to know this and the fact that Lt. Stewart is covering for at least one person in his agency—GORDON CARROLL.

On Thursday October 10th we received a phone call at 1:16 PM from Lt. Travis Stewart of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office's Internal Affairs unit.  We're assuming he called in response to the email of the police recordings Dani sent out on Monday 10/7/13 to all the cops, DA's, public defenders, etc, that called-out a "Dirty Arapahoe County Sheriff's Deputy."  (bcc'd about 300 other people.)

Here's the reason why Lt. Stewart called:  Since the 1990's GORDON CARROLL has been the church elder of Bob Enyart's Denver Bible Cult, who is a twice convicted child-abuser (that Brauchler prosecuted). Gordon Carroll is also close associates with Kenneth Tyler Scott  who was labeled as "hypo-manic homicidal" and has spent several years in a out of jail and mental institutions for violence, stalking and harassment.  Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder can verify Ken Scott's homicidal behavior since he wrote to the FBI in 1995 warning of these "domestic terrorists."  Dr. Hern says that "every anti-abortion demonstrator must now be considered armed, dangerous and a potential assassin until proven otherwise.   The anti-abortion movement must be considered the source and spawning ground of a violent, terrorist movement which threatens the social fabric and civil society of laws of the United States.  It is a greater threat to personal security than any foreign enemy of the United States."

Incidentally, Gordon Carroll also doubles as an Arapahoe County sheriff's deputy, one of two K-9 units in the entire county.  Carroll's been wearing a badge since the 1990's, too.  Of course, the Kekoas recorded the call with STEWART on Thursday, and we started analyzing it right away. The funny thing is that Lt. Stewart of Internal Affairs KNEW HE WAS BEING RECORDED.  There's no way he could not have known unless he's the dumbest guy on earth, and judging by the call, that's a real possibility.  Dani also made another call to Lt. Stewart on Friday morning Oct 11th at 9:11AM, and we started analyzing that call right away, too.  We haven't really stopped analyzing either call.  And to us, it sounds like a DIRTY cover-up!

Regarding the website www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com, Lt. Stewart also nervously talks about the stun gun and the Hi-Tec boot evidence found at the JonBenet Ramsey murder crime scene, that there's no way those were Gordon Carroll's stun gun and boots, as though Stewart really knew that as a fact.  The Boulder PD and FBI may be interested in hearing about what Lt. Stewart thinks about Gordon Carroll with regards to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and the "law enforcement countermeasures and tactics" that were  mentioned in the ransom note.  If you have an FBI contact person, please forward this information to them as well.

Of all the counties in Colorado, Arapahoe County has a reputation for being the MOST CORRUPT by the widest of margins.  It's been that way ever since we can remember.  Aurora, CO is in Arapahoe County, and Aurora is where the movie theater shooting happened July 20, 2012 at the Century16 theaters.  (Just for fun, 7/20 = 720 = Denver area code, and Century16 = 116 = 911 inverted.  We have a good hunch Enyart was behind it because he's a murderous illuminati-competitor who loves numerology and he's nuts.)  The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is also the agency that conducted the investigation over the Columbine massacre which occurred in neighboring Jefferson County to the west where Enyart lives.  (Recall that no real answers were ever uncovered about Columbine including allegations of rape of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris by some dirty cops in the sheriff's department which is the real reason behind the massacre—not bullying by the jocks—and thousands of documents have been sealed until the next generation starts having grandkids.  Look up the Walsh-butt-rape" file.)  The problem with that is the Arapahoe County Sheriff who conducted the Columbine investigation in the 1990's, PAT SULLIVAN, was recently busted for soliciting boys for sex with drugs, and he was busted quickly so as to not prolong any investigation that would turn up more corruption, especially since Sheriff Sullivan had dirt on everyone in Arapahoe County.  Yes, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department is dirty.  No secret.

This is what we think, and it only makes sense if you've listened to the recordings:  Stewart is corrupt and is covering for Gordon Carroll.  He's dirty just like Carroll; Stewart's covering for Carroll.  And this was a personal call for Stewart, not an official police call, because he didn't act like the typical investigator looking for information about a crime.  We've dealt with enough investigators—at least a dozen or so investigators over 10 jurisdictions (we've lost count to be honest)—to know a thing or two about what investigators do:  Listen and observe very carefully.  And any more than 5 minutes with an investigator is an eternity to an investigator in our opinion.  Investigators haven't argued with us, they've only asked questions when they've needed to.  But mostly they've just listened and taken notes about what we say and how we say it.  That's not what Stewart did.  Stewart, a seasoned cop who was once shot in the chest by a criminal with a .357 Magnum and who was nervous as hell stammering on the phone with Danielle, was also arguing with her and trying to influence her to change our minds about what we know to be true, and to remove any reference to Gordon Carroll being a "dirty deputy" for Arapahoe County from our websites.  There was even a not-so-subtle threat about being sued for libel and defamation of character, which didn't work when Danielle told Stewart that's exactly what we want Carroll to do:  SUE US!  He won't sue us though - Why?  Because he is GUILTY  of Conspiracy to MURDER! Go ask him.

We hope this matter is resolved soon and appropriate action is taken before more innocent families are destroyed. Since Lt. Stewart insists that deputy Carroll is not violating any polices by associating with convicted criminals, perhaps the "policies" of your agency need some improvement if you don't want to look dirty?

Please contact us with any further questions.
Curtis & Danielle Kekoa

Thursday, October 10, 2013

PART 1 at 1:16pm - LT. STEWART ARAPAHOE SHERIFF INTERNAL AFFAIRS re: DIRTY K-9 DEPUTY GORDON CARROLL - "Law Enforcement Countermeasures & Tactics" - BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com

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"Thank God For Bob!" Bob Enyart is pro-life, pro-death (penalty) and anti-gay, and now he wants to take over the country" -- by Michael Roberts - Westword, 12/16/1999,

==> Enyart is also supported by a handful of law-enforcement officers around the Denver area. One, a suburban deputy sheriff and converted atheist with ten years on the force who wishes to stay anonymous, declares, "The justice system we have now is a farce, and after reading the Bible and attending one of Bob's criminal-justice seminars, I realized that the Bible already had a relevant criminal-justice system in there and that it would work. People think we want to put thousands to death, but the truth is, we want to put no one to death -- and with a swift justice system with flogging and things like that, we wouldn't have to, because people wouldn't commit those crimes."

-The anonymous suburban deputy sheriff is Gordon Carroll (GordonCarroll.com) of Arapahoe County Colorado. Carroll is a short story slasher writer in his spare time. Carroll is an elder of Enyart's Denver Bible Church and Carroll also associates with known convicted criminals re Enyart/Ken Scott/Jo Scott.

-GordonCarroll.com archived bio

-Slasher story "Leader of the Pack" by GD Carroll 2005, Alien Skin Magazine